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Where To Start

If you need to make immediate arrangements contact the office at 845-331-0199

If you are interested in pre-planning for you, your family or a loved one, read through the following helpful guidelines to get started.

Is Pre-Planning Important?

Pre-planning provides peace of mind that helps take some of the burden from a very difficult time. It allows you to spend important time with family and loved ones, and helps avoid the expense and stress of making arrangements during such a difficult time.

Other benefits of pre-planning include:

  • Price Stabilization – Funeral and cemetery costs are always increasing. By planning ahead the expenses are lower than they may be at a later date.

  • Insurance Distribution – Allows your life insurance to be distributed the way you intended, to your survivors, instead of being spent on your funeral costs.

  • Peace of Mind – Pre-arrangement means that you have decided your exact funeral arrangements – giving your loved ones less to worry about during a difficult time.

I’ve decided on Wiltwyck Rural Cemetery – now what?

Please feel free to ask about a guided tour. You may also take a self-guided tour anytime you wish. Maps are available in the cemetery office. When you’re ready to start the pre-planning process, please call the cemetery office to arrange a meeting to discuss your needs and ideas. A comprehensive price list of cemetery services is available through the cemetery office or may be mailed upon request.

Grave sites or burial plots are available for sale and the office manager and the superintendent will be able to help select a suitable site. There are niches and crypts available in the community mausoleum and you may request information about that choice. The cemetery office can assist you and provide price information as well. A scattering garden is located near the mausoleum that allows families to scatter the ashes of a loved one in a dignified and tranquil setting. Assistance is available from the staff to assist you.

Families may decide to build a private mausoleum on the grounds or have a lawn crypt built to their specifications. Information on those choices for a final resting place is available through the office and consultation with the superintendent.

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