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Visiting Wiltwyck Rural Cemetery


Visitors are welcome in the cemetery and may drive or walk the grounds any day of the year.

The grounds are open daily from 8 AM to Sunset and access may be gained through several entrances. No visitors are permitted after Sunset. The main gate is at the end of Pine Grove Avenue, a broad shaded avenue off Broadway which will bring you into the oldest section of the cemetery. The cemetery office is located at 205 West O’Reilly St. The office is open from Monday to Friday 9 AM to Noon, 1 PM to 4 PM and on Saturday by appointment.

A right turn just inside the main gate will put you on the Main Tour drive. This is a paved road that encircles the oldest sections of the cemetery. The intersecting roads in this section were laid out in the late 1800’s. The entrances off West O’Reilly Street (both the east and west side) give access to the newer sections of the cemetery and were laid out from 1900 on.

Please exercise care because some turns are tight. Parking is allowed on the roadways for a brief time for visitation of graves by visitors.


The Wiltwyck Cemetery periodically offers walking tours focused on the notable figures and the rich history found within the cemetery. Walking tours guided by experts in the fields of arboriculture, botany, bird watching, and ecology are offered throughout the year. Please visit our Facebook page for upcoming events. 


When visiting Wiltwyck Rural Cemetery please remember that you are on sacred ground. Please respect the sanctity of the final resting place of loved ones and exercise proper decorum and allow time for quiet reflection so as not to disturb other visitors. The published Rules and Regulations specify what may and may not be used or placed on grave sites as memorials to the deceased. If you have a question about the rules please contact the office.

The Board of Trustees reserves the right to determine what is appropriate on grave sites and in the mausoleum. Please be familiar with our list of our Rules and Regulations

Virtual Cemetery Visitation

What is a virtual visit to Wiltwyck Cemetery?

A virtual visit is an online option for you to visit family members resting places utilizing Zoom or FaceTime video conferencing. Call the office to set your appointment at 845-331-0199.

At the time of your appointment, the Superintendent will set a phone on a tripod at the location you would like to visit by video conference. You may visit any part of the cemetery. We are able to offer this service in the Mausoleum, at the Cremation Garden, or at any grave site in the cemetery. Families will be able to see and speak with the superintendent. He will perform all tasks that a family member would when visiting in-person. The monument will be wiped clean, we will trim, prune, and water existing shrubs or flowers, and perform general care of the site. After tidying the site, the superintendent will leave you alone to visit in quiet. You will be able to see and hear the sights and sounds of the cemetery.

Who uses this service?

This service is for anyone who may have difficulty visiting the cemetery in-person due to distance or physical ability. We hope this service allows families to “visit” more often.

What does a virtual visit cost?

The cost for a virtual visit is $40.00 for a 15 minute visit. You may purchase visits in 15 minute increments and you may extend a visit at any time during your appointment. Visitation gift certificates are also available. Visits are available Monday – Friday from 8:00am – 4:00pm. Evening, weekend, and holiday appointments are available at an additional cost.  Please call the cemetery office to schedule an appointment. We accept personal checks, Visa / Mastercard, Venmo, and PayPal. 

Additional Services Available –

We can supply and install annual flowers, Christmas Wreaths, Fall Pumpkins, and Floral Arrangements during your virtual visit. Please contact our office for cost estimates. 

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